Male High-Color Rainbow Darter
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   Welcome to BTDarters' website! We are a full-service U.S.-native fish retailer and wholesaler to the aquarium trade, to zoos, and public and private aquaria. To learn more, click a link on the image below, or navigate using any of the other links on the page. Thanks!

Season Open February 21st, 2017. Please note that we are not shipping right now. If you are located in Wisconsin and are interested in picking-up some fishes, please Please contact us via cellphone for more info. We appreciate your understanding. Thanks!

   Please note that we are currently providing fish only to residents of or businesses located in the U.S. states of Wisconsin, California, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Montana, North Carolina and Texas. If you're not located in one of those states, drop us a line and see if we can ship to you. For further information, please check our Ordering Terms page or drop us a line via any of the methods on our Contact Us page. Thanks! End Glyph


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